Fashion Hijack: Tuxedo Pants

Monday, December 10, 2012

The tuxedo pant inspired by menswear is so incredibly hot this season, it has become a MUST HAVE!

The pant features a stripe from hip to ankle creating a very slimming silhouette.  The tailored pant is very structured and has a modern fit that is perfect for a day at the office as well as a night out.  

Trend obsessed Celebs include Gwen Stefani, Miranda Kerr, and Jessica Alba

Add this hot trend to your closet today!  Take a test drive with our similar styles.  Available in red, tan, and blue; sizes Small, Medium, & Large.  ONLY $38 

Pair yours with a blazer or flowy blouse and boots or heels to perfect this look.

Stop by the store and let us help you style yours specifically to your taste, and check our other tuxedo inspired trends including leggings!