Fashion Friday: What's Trending { Ponchos + Flares }

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall 2015 

Retro, freedom, eclectic, mixing & matching... all these make you think of 70's fashion.  Even though it is 2015 the hippie era is making it's way back into today's world of fashion. One of the most popular looks was the ever-so-lovley flare jeans.  

Why we LOVE flares  

 They elongate your legs, make you look thinner, oh and they are super fun!

We also are currently craving... PONCHOS!  They are slowly showing up everywhere, and come in so many different colors, shapes and designs.

What is better than flares and ponchos??  Flares and ponchos worn TOGETHER!  They can be tricky, just like any style trend, but we highly encourage you to try out this look for fall.  You can be as chic or as unique as you want with this look, depending on what you choose.


Style Tips: { What to wear to a fall wedding }

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall is a popular season for weddings and as beautiful as they are, for guests the attire can be challenging.  Summer weddings are so easy to throw on a little black dress or your favorite sun dress and be good to go.  Don't fret we have the low down on the basics for your next fall wedding!  


The most formal of all wedding dress codes is "white tie".  Although, not very common they still exist.  When dressing for this occasion think of all those fancy White House dinners Olivia Pope attends.  
What to wear:  Floor length dress in fall colors, paired with an open toe suede heel.  Grab your rhinestone clutch and earrings and you are set to go.

Next to "white tie" will be "black tie" or "formal".  Usually this pertains to night weddings and will be somewhat more laid back but still don't forget your very best.
What to wear: A short cocktail dress would be acceptable, all decked out in your best accessories. A dressy skirt with a top would also be an option if you didn't want to wear a dress.


 For a "dressy casual" wedding base your outfit decision on the time of the event.  For a daytime event go for more neutral cool tones and for an evening time break out your darker hues.
What to wear:  Instead of a cocktail dress, pair a dressy skirt with a dressy top and throw on some nude pumps. 


 Everyone's favorite type of wedding...casual! More than likely this will be an outdoor wedding.  This means you want to dress for comfort and maybe warmth in case temps get a little chilly.  
What to wear:  Opt for a sweater dress with knee high boots and top it off with a stylish blanket scarf.  This says "I still look good without much effort".  Black jeans may be an option, but just because it's casual doesn't mean you are allowed to wear your ripped skinny jeans with a v-neck. 

Fashion Friday { Get the most out of your wardrobe }

Friday, October 16, 2015

Temperatures are getting cooler, but don't go putting away those summer dresses just yet.  There is still time to get the most out of your wardrobe, and we have some style tips for styling those simple basic summer dresses into wonderful chic fall outfits.


Kimonos- Most woman think kimonos are a spring summer thing...but if you live in a place like we do, fall weather may consist of 80 degree temperatures.  On those warm days throwing on a lightweight kimono makes an outfit fierce and still feasible. 

Leather Jacket- If you know us you know that the leather jacket will always be in our closets and we will never consider it to be out of style.  For the edgy chic girl this is the perfect way to take a printed dress and add personal style while keeping fall  

Cardigan- For the working woman cardigans are your go-to.  They cover up your arms and add an entirely new look to your outfit. 

Booties- Last but definitely not the least...ANKLE BOOTS!  We are proud supporters of this trend and believe it makes the fall outfit!  They are basically heels that cover your entire foot.  They can elongate your legs and lets be honest...they just give you confidence. 

Check out our blog post on how to style ankle boots --->

Which is your favorite look?  How will you style your sleeveless dress this fall? 


 Fabulous Fringe Cardigan in Charcoal: $24
Floral Fest Shift Dress: $48 
Campside Cozy Cardigan in Red: $30 
Make Your Mock Dress in Black: $24 
Worth Your Wild Kimono: $45 
Western Glamour Fringe Black Bootie: $40 
Desert Fest Fringe Bootie: $42 

Style guide: { The Blanket Scarf }

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


There are scarves, and then there are { Blanket Scarves }.  If you don't have one in your closet right now, you are missing out on one of the best fall staple pieces ever!  What sets apart the regular scarf from the blanket scarf?  Because they are so versatile and can be worn different ways, turning your most basic outfit into an extraordinary one.  

Here are some style inspirations for you to try this season.  

1.) Stay Classy 
Let's start with the classic way to style your blanket scarf.  Better known for it's infinity look, this is the easiest and most common way to style them, and it also keeps you warm! We've had a lot of customers tell us they have a hard time getting there blanket scarf to lay right, so we've provided a link to a YouTube tutorial! 

  2.) Belt it out 
Spice up that plain white tee with this simple (yet stylish) look.  Place the scarf around your neck and secure it around your waist with your favorite belt!  We love this ultra chic look.

3.) Drape & Go   
In a hurry and still want to look cute?  This look will be your saving grace.  Fall is all about layering, so why not just drape your scarf over your favorite puffer vest for an easy accessory additive. 


[Fashion Friday] Style Guide: {Fall Booties}

Friday, October 9, 2015

One of the most essential fall pieces to own is the ankle boot.  It's easy, comfortable, and can pretty much go with just about any outfit (if styled the right way). They are even short girl friendly, which is a huge deal with us Maca girls.  We have a lot of customers shy away from this shoe because they think it may make them look shorter or heavier... but in reality they can really make you look taller if worn correctly! 

We have given a short style guide on how to rock your ankle booties this season and some of our favorite picks! 


Denim is always are favorite go to for any outfit, considering we are a Denim Based Boutique, and it is no different when it comes to rocking a good pair of ankle boots.  The main key to jeans and boots is simply... the cuff.  For all the short girls out there, this is your area of expertise!  By cuffing your jeans, it lets the boot do the talking (or walking) while making your legs look slimmer.  So don't be afraid to roll those jeans! 


Leggings...they are our best friend during the colder weather.  These also require no cuffs, so they are basically effortless and comfortable... you will probably wear this type of outfit everyday now.  Dress up an outfit with a pair of leather leggings and over-sized sweater, or keep it chill with regular cotton leggings and a stylish tee.


 In theory ankle boots are just a pair of heels that cover your feet.  So without a doubt you can pull them off in almost any type of dress.  For the boho lovers, pair it with a high low dress and accessorize with a scarf.  For the edgy chic woman, go ahead and break out your favorite fall little black dress.


 The skater skirt is one of our favorite fashion pieces, and we see no reason why it has to be put away during the cooler months.  Wearing ankle boots with a skater skirt will elongate your legs tremendously and is an ultra sleek look.  Not one for showing legs during the fall?  Tights are your new best friend.  Throw them on under a fitted skirt and still be able to rock the ankle boots! 

Which is your favorite look?  How will you wear your ankle boots this season? 

Preview of MACA'S Fall Collection 

Color Report: {Fall 2015 Trends}

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Temperatures are getting cooler and we are way too excited to add a few darker hues back into our wardrobe.  The runways have been filled with all kinds of different shades and colors and we picked out a few of our favs to give you some style advice and the low down on each one.

 Color Combos: 
Green Apple

 Color Combos: 
Rustic Red

 Color Combos: 

Color Combos: 
Gray Hues
Gold hues

Color Combos: 
Pale Pink

 Color Combos: 
Pale Pink