Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend, and hopefully all this snow has passed us! We can only hope!  We are starting off the week right with getting to know one of our customers and her personal style.  This week's Maca Crush is the blonde bombshell, Jessie Van Derent! Jessie is originally from New York City, but moved to Fayetteville and graduated from Fayetteville High School.  She now is a student at the University of Arkansas studying to become a dietician.  Aside from school Jessie also works at one of Fayetteville's best tanning salons, Glo Tanning.  In her spare time though miss Van Derent loves to go to the gym and workout, listen to music and hangout with family and friends.    

Maca: What are three words to describe your style?
Jessie: Girly. Athletic. Fun. 
Maca: What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Jessie: It wasn't on purpose but I did get into four car wrecks in one month.  It was because of the ice though... I'm a great driver! 
Maca: What is your dream job?
Jessie: I would love to be a super-model. Both of my parents modeled for Ford and that is how they met. 
Maca: If you were a shoe, which one describes you best?
Jessie: Heels— they are fierce and fun! 
Maca: Who is your favorite singer/band?
Jessie: Mike Studd. I’m a huge R&B fan. 
Maca: What is your favorite season of clothing?
Jessie: Spring because I love all the colors and its perfect weather for multiple pieces 
Maca: What accessory could you not live without?
Jessie: Earrings. I feel lost without them! 
Maca: Who's your celebrity style crush?
Jessie: Candace Swanepoel— she’s a Victoria’s Secret model and absolutely flawless  
Maca: Do you have a go-to place to shop?
Jessie: I always like going to Dillards, they have a wide variety and I can usually find a good deal. 
Maca: What are your wearing from Maca?
Jessie: I am wearing a sheer leopard print dress, with a pair of heels of course! I love animal print… It acts as a neutral in my book! 
Maca: What is your favorite part about any given day?
Jessie: When I get to go to the gym. I’m always so busy and on the go, and its one place I can release stress and not worry about anything else. 

Us girls here at Maca LOVE getting to know our customers on a personal level and getting to know all the different styles they love. We want you to be the next Maca Crush Monday!  Tag us on Instagram @macaclothe in your pictures showing us how you styled your item from Maca.  Use the #macacrushmonday (that's the only way we will see it) ..and who knows you might be next?! Each week our new Maca Crush will receive a $10 gift card. If you live in Fayetteville or close we'd like to have you come in the store to take some pictures. If you live out of state no worries, we can get the info and pictures from you through email!

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  1. She is gorgeous!! And LOVE her shoes!