Fashion Friday: What's Trending { Ponchos + Flares }

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall 2015 

Retro, freedom, eclectic, mixing & matching... all these make you think of 70's fashion.  Even though it is 2015 the hippie era is making it's way back into today's world of fashion. One of the most popular looks was the ever-so-lovley flare jeans.  

Why we LOVE flares  

 They elongate your legs, make you look thinner, oh and they are super fun!

We also are currently craving... PONCHOS!  They are slowly showing up everywhere, and come in so many different colors, shapes and designs.

What is better than flares and ponchos??  Flares and ponchos worn TOGETHER!  They can be tricky, just like any style trend, but we highly encourage you to try out this look for fall.  You can be as chic or as unique as you want with this look, depending on what you choose.


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