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Friday, January 18, 2013

Galactic Fashion

I know you've seen this trend emerging all over the place.  We're pretty excited about it here at MACA.  The unending color variations and patterns add instant style.  The trend is going beyond fashion into shoes, nails, and interior furnishings.  

This fun and edgy trend is showing up here at MACA too!  We love this dreamer T-shirt available on MACAClothe.com

Keep an eye out for more out of this world style coming soon to MACA and MACAClothe.com.

What do you think about this trend?  Are you daring enough to rock it?  

Cream T: http://macaclothe.com/collections/all/products/dreamer-t-shirt-in-cream
Grey T: http://macaclothe.com/collections/all/products/dreamer-t-shirt-in-black


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