Wardrobe Wednesday {LAYERING LACE}

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We are still in the transition period between winter and spring...and quite frankly here in Fayetteville it can be 75 degrees one day and then the next it will drop back down into the forties.  The up-side to that is you get the best of both worlds from your closet... right?  Although it is closer to spring that doesn't quite mean you have to rule out layering.  Spring just consists of lighter layering.  Instead of cardigans and scarves, wear slips and necklaces.  We are loving the Boho trends that are all over Pinterest, and decided to add a touch of flare to one of our favorite spring dresses.  We can not keep our lace detailed skirts in stock because everyone loves to just throw them under their favorite dress or jacket to give an extra something to an outfit.  What do you think about this look?  What spring looks are you excited for?

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