Monday, November 11, 2013

It's that time of the week again... MACA CRUSH MONDAY!  This week's Maca pick is the one and only NWA native miss Kyla Fairbanks.  Kyla is a Bentonville alumni now attending the University of Arkansas here in Fayetteville. Halfway through her Junior year she couldn't have been happier with her pick of becoming a Communication major. Kyla has one younger sister, Sydney, who is 16 years old is carrying on the last name legacy at Bentonville High School.  Staying active is must in Kyla's life. Aside from school she teaches gymnastics and cheer to younger girls, and in her spare time she likes the play golf or tennis.  She may have mentioned to Maca about being head over heels for her high school sweetheart, Tyrus.  They are going strong on 5 years together! We got lucky enough to snag Kyla from her busy schedule to get the inside scoop on her life and style. 


Maca: What are three words to describe your style?
Kyla: funky. Un-coordinating. Comfortable
Maca: What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Kyla: I decided spur of the moment I wanted an anchor tattoo behind my ear, now I absolutely hate it and I’m in the process of getting it removed.
Maca: What is your dream job?
Kyla: Being a reporter for ESPN
Maca: If you were a shoe, which one describes you best?
Kyla:  Wedges, it makes me feel sassy and in charge.
 Maca: Who is your favorite singer?
Kyla: Aaron Carter, I saw him this year in concert at George’s he threw a Victoria’s Secret gift-card at me…such a life changing moment.
Maca: What is your favorite season of clothing?
Kyla: FALL! I love sweaters, cardigans, boots, leggings, I could go on forever!
Maca: What accessory could you not live without?
Kyla: I have a small pearl necklace that I wear with everything.
Maca: Who's your celebrity style crush?
Kyla: Julianne Hough- I just got my haircut like hers so I can be just like her.
Maca: Do you have a go-to place to shop?
Kyla: I always go to Dillard’s because they have just about everything you need all in one store!
Maca: What are your wearing from Maca?
Kyla: I am wearing a THML leather pencil skirt paired with TCEC black leather jacket. I tucked in a cream top that had gold studs that made the outline pop. I wore some brand new shoes that Maca got in stock which are C Label's. They are the perfect little black heel for all occasions. 
Maca: What is your favorite part about any given day?
Kyla: Getting home after a long day and just being able to un-load and lounge around with the boyfriend. 

Us girls here at Maca LOVE getting to know our customers on a personal level and getting to know all the different styles they love. We want you to be the next Maca Crush Monday!  Tag us on Instagram @macaclothe in your pictures showing us how you styled your item from Maca.  Use the #macacrushmonday (that's the only way we will see it) ..and who knows you might be next?! Each week our new Maca Crush will receive a $10 gift card. If you live in Fayetteville or close we'd like to have you come in the store to take some pictures. If you live out of state no worries, we can get the info and pictures from you through email! Hope you enjoyed reading about Kyla as much as we did chatting with her! Make the best of your Monday's! :)

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