Monday, February 24, 2014

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Looks like the weather is slowly but surely warming up. At the beginning of each week Maca loves to start out by getting the inside scoop of our customers on their personal style. And this week's Maca crush was the out going Lauren Akins!  This blonde bombshell is full of energy and life and her style reflects upon that! Miss Akins is originally from Texarkana but is a senior here at the University of Arkansas, studying Communication.  Aside from school she also works part time as a dispatcher for the University Police Department.  When she's not working or in school she just likes to take it easy and hang with her friends and family...oh and of course online shop as much as her bank account will allow! Here's the 4-11 on Lauren's style! 

Maca: What are three words to describe your style?
Lauren: Bright. Non-matching. Extra-ordinary
Maca: What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Lauren: I went car surfing. I climbed on top of a moving car and ended up falling off and busting my lip open. I have a scar to prove it
Maca: What is your dream job?
Lauren: To work for a big News Station as a reporter in a big city. That way the camera can always be focused on me :))
Maca: If you were a shoe, which one describes you best?
Lauren: I would be a bright original bootie, that I would create myself.
Maca: Who is your favorite singer/band?
Lauren: Lil Wayne Pandora radio basically anything on that is my favorite
Maca: What is your favorite season of clothing?
Lauren: Fall, because you have the choice on jeans or shorts, and long-sleeves and short sleeves
Maca: What accessory could you not live without?
Lauren: My bracelets and necklaces

Maca: Who's your celebrity style crush?
Lauren: Nicole Richie when she had the edgy vibe going on for her.
Maca: Do you have a go-to place to shop?
Lauren: I’m an online person…I can’t really pick just one. I like everything so it’s hard to narrow it down to just a single one.  
Maca: What are your wearing from Maca?
Lauren: I am wearing a pair of jean shorts that are beaded on the side with different colors. I have a graphic tank under my favorite long lace cardigan and paired it all with camo sneakers!
 Maca: What is your favorite part about any given day?

Lauren: Lunch…for sure. I just love food. 

Us girls here at Maca LOVE getting to know our customers on a personal level and getting to know all the different styles they love. We want you to be the next Maca Crush Monday!  Tag us on Instagram @macaclothe in your pictures showing us how you styled your item from Maca.  Use the #macacrushmonday (that's the only way we will see it) ..and who knows you might be next?! Each week our new Maca Crush will receive a $10 gift card. If you live in Fayetteville or close we'd like to have you come in the store to take some pictures. If you live out of state no worries, we can get the info and pictures from you through email!

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