Wednesday, July 16, 2014

As girls it is inevitable that we all love to shop, and crave new clothes and accessories ALL the time.  Affording these items though can be tough... we've came up with some ideas for you to cut the costs on other items in your life in order to get the wonderful things you've had your eye on! 

Trade in the Frappes for a statement necklace...
You need that extra caffeine to start your day off, but skipping that Grande Frapp three times a week will score you a statement necklace to top off your outfit! 

Swap out the rice bowl for a summer bag...
Its lunch time and you need to get your Chipotle fix on!  Before you get the credit card out, pack a sandwich for lunch instead twice a week and you can save up to $100 a month! 

Skip out on the movies every weekend for a pair of denim shorts....
Going to the movies every weekend?  That can add up quickly, since it's the summertime go spend your time with friends out on the lake and be able to buy a pair of cute cut-offs to look cute in! 

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  1. When ever I want to eat at a fast food or restaurant, I think to myself that I could get new clothes if I ate at home instead. And then I decided to buy clothes and eat at home :)