Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ever have the problem of deciding what bracelets look good together?  We all have been there I'm sure.  We have put a few tips together for you in order to achieve the perfect arm candy! Which look do you likes best?  How will you wear your arm candy this season? 

1. Tapered Down 
One way to wear your arm candy is to stack according to size.  Start with a big bracelet and gradually get smaller towards the bottom.  These gold/brown hues are gorgeous for fall! 

2. Pick a Theme
Having coordinating braclets for a certain theme is another good idea.  Here we went with a faith theme by adding in crosses and an infinity symbol. 

3. Color Coordinate 
Color coordinate your army candy with what you are wearing.  You can't ever go wrong with black.

4. Pick a Bold Center
One of the easiest ways to achieve the perfect arm candy is picking out a watch and stacking around that. 

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