Jewelry Trends Spring 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What woman doesn't LOVE jewelry?  Exactly... none... we all do.  Like clothes, accessories are always changing and trending season to season and year to year.  We like to keep all our followers and customers up to date for what's on trend because we know it's hard to find time to do the research... (that's where we come in.)  From statement pieces to natural colors and stones we are obsessing over spring 2015 gems!  Which trend is your favorite?  Keep up to date with the latest jewelry trends via our Pinterest and Tumblr

1. A Change of Scene
Coin necklaces and accessories have made their way into the runways and streets. Try putting a bold necklace with a solid top to brighten up your spring duds. 

2. Long Layers
Go ahead and layer on the chains!  Play around with different lengths and alternating colors to add with your fringe and cut-offs for the warm days and cool nights. 

3. Make a statement
Statement necklaces never go out of style.  Because the season is changing, try putting away the rhinestones and break out the colored beads! 

 4. Geometric Gems
You will find in the year to come geometric designs will dominate jewelry designs.  Prestigious jewelry lines such as House Of Harlow carry such accessories all year around.  

5. RINGS... RINGS.... oh & RINGS!
Wearing multiple rings is one of the hottest trends this year!  Make that manicure pop with mid rings and regular rings on all fingers! 

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