Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Classic and timeless, denim will never go out of style.  We thrive upon denim and can guarantee one of our trained stylists can find the perfect fit for any body type.  Recently we just picked up a new line and are completely obsessing over it.  Jacob Davis USA is what is currently making it's way into our closets!  Here is the low down:


Jacob Davis was a tailor that was credited for inventing the modern jean.  He originally made tents, horse blankets and wagon covers from denim clothe he bought from Levi Strauss (yes the Levi Strauss) in his shop in Reno.  Davis was asked by a customer to make strong work pants and from there he was the one to come up with the copper rivets, now used on all jeans, to reinforce the stitching for a stronger durable pant.  He couldn't keep up with demand and then went to his distributor (Levi) to help fiance a patent.  Levi got on board and Davis went to work, even sewing in the double threaded stitch design onto the back pockets to distinguish them from other competitors.  He is now being credited for his works and is considered "The Unknown American Icon."  

Facts about the denim:

  • Made from Japanese red selvage denim (considered to be the premier fabric in the denim world. It is seen as a symbol of quality and stability.)
  • Other high quality fabrics are used including the best American, Japanese, and Italian selvage denims.
  • All sewn in the U.S. and embody the Americana aesthetic brought to modern day with its contemporary design features and silhouettes.
  • Features a leather guitar pick logo on the back pocket.
  • All jeans are manufactured, washed and finished in Los Angeles.   

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