Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just because colder weather has arrived doesn't mean you have to give your shorts up! There are plenty of ways to wear shorts in the fall....and winter that are "season appropriate" yet providing warmth! Like any fantastic fall outfit layers are the key! Pair your shorts with a pair of tights, a bold closed toe heel or boot, put on your go to favorite sweater and you have yourself a fall outfit with SHORTS! Maybe you don't want to wear tights well there is still ways to make it work ladies! Don't remove them from your closet just yet! Get a great knee high boot to wear with your shorts while supporting all different style cardigans you own! Another look we gals at Maca love is shorts with knee high socks! Simple yet stylish!  (lets be honest we all own one in all styles/colors) Shorts can be a scary thought to most people during this time of the year but knowing what to wear with them expands into different fashion options! How will you wear shorts this season?

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