Monday, November 25, 2013

This weeks Maca Crush Monday is Miss Stacy Nardoni! Stacy is a Walton College marketing  Senior. She will be graduating early this December with a minor in econ as well.  She currently works at The New School, which is a private preschool here in Fayetteville. Working there has taught her a lot patience. She jokingly mentioned that she definitely wants to wait to have kids a little longer than she pictured. Even with Stacy's busy schedule this semester, she has dedicated much of her free time to mentoring and disciplining young women.  When she is not at Arsagas (fav coffee place evaa) studying or meeting with girls she spends time with her new boy toy John Henson. Stacy is a young vibrant lady full of joy and has a bright future ahead. We hope you enjoy reading about her as much as we did catching up with the oh so busy Miss Nardoni! 

Maca: What are three words to describe your style?
Stacy: comfy, eclectic, and fun
Maca: What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Stacy: swimming in Beaver Lake in January
Maca: What is your dream job?
Stacy: owning a non-profit organization and being able to help people everyday
Maca: If you were a shoe, which one describes you best?
Stacy: retro heel, becasue they are timeless, funky, and fun
Maca: Who is your favorite singer?
Stacy: The Civil wars
Maca: What is your favorite season of clothing?
Stacy: Fall!! Scarves, sweaters, and warm colors

Maca: What accessory could you not live without?
Stacy: Scarves in general they can be worn year round now, and they always complete the look
Maca: Who's your celebrity style crush?
Stacy:  Emma Watson
Maca: Do you have a go-to place to shop?
Stacy: not really, here, there, everywhere
Maca: What are your wearing from Maca?
Stacy: Their new long black maxi, and Mona Lisa Kitty cat graphic tee. her fav pair of Cult skinnies, with an aztec headwrap and leaoprd JC look-a-like booties
Maca: What is your favorite part about any given day?
Stacy: when i walk in the doors of Arsagas, which is almost every single day. 

Us girls here at Maca LOVE getting to know our customers on a personal level and getting to know all the different styles they love. We want you to be the next Maca Crush Monday!  Tag us on Instagram @macaclothe in your pictures showing us how you styled your item from Maca.  Use the #macacrushmonday (that's the only way we will see it) ..and who knows you might be next?! Each week our new Maca Crush will receive a $10 gift card. If you live in Fayetteville or close we'd like to have you come in the store to take some pictures. If you live out of state no worries, we can get the info and pictures from you through email!

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