5 Different ways to wear Leggings

Sunday, November 16, 2014

So lets be honest with ourselves... leggings are the greatest piece of wardrobe ever made.  They are comfortable, warm and cute!  The best part is how versatile they are.  You can dress them up, play them down, wear them for lounging, or wear them to a dinner party.  We've put together 5 different outfits on how to style your favorite pair of leggings! 
Dress to Impress
Going out for a date night? Throw on your favorite pair of black leggings with a plain dress, decked out with your favorite jewels.
Go for a boho look by adding textures on top of your leggings.  We've paired this top with them, but also encourage trying prints and layers as well. 
Supersize It
This is probably everyone's go-to legging outfit... the oversized, warm, comfortable sweater.  This look is great for lounging and for a day of shopping! 
Talk about Tunics
Another popular simple trend is the tunic.  We love this because it's so simple and still chic. 

Mad For Plaid
Go ahead and steal your boyfriends plaid shirt... they make for a good layering piece with black leggings!

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