Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Clutch's are so much easier to carry than a big purse... and you aren't digging around constantly trying to find what you are looking for.  They are also great for the upcoming holiday season for family gatherings and parties.  We've put together what we think are the "must haves" to put into your clutch, for every emergency/need a girl has!  

Mints - We can't always carry around a toothbrush and tooth paste at all times, so mints are the perfect breath safer after those lunch outings!  

Small Brush/Comb - Windy days get the best of our hair... so making sure to have a small comb or hair brush will take you from drab to fab in no time!  We also believe in a small can of hair spray... but we know that's not always essential for some. :) 

Safety Pins - We are firm believers in the safety pin!  You never know when you will have a wardrobe malfunction, and one quick pin can save the day! 

Cash - We get it's 2014, cash is not something most people carry around anymore... but stashing away a few extra bucks can be beneficial if you happen to stumble upon your local farmer's market.  

Mini perfume - Most fragrances don't last all day, so carry around your favorite small container of perfume to re apply throughout the day to smell your best! 

Tide-to-go pen - THIS may be the biggest saver of them all!  Don't you hate when you spill something on your favorite shirt and know it's going to ruin because you can't get to your washer right then and there?  Well the tide pen gets the worst of the worst stains out almost instantly!  At least you will have a better chance at saving that new shirt you just bought.  

Powder - For all you females with oily skin... Shine powder is something you should be carrying at all times!  Whip it out when your face is starting to shine bright and use to tone down your skin.  Regular powder is also good just to get a fresh face! 

Lipstick/Lip-gloss - A girl's saving grace.  Nothing makes you feel more powerful than a colored lip.  

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