Fashion Friday: { How to style a long cardi }

Friday, January 15, 2016

We've all been there...the cardigan that makes us look dumpy and frumpy.  This rings more true when you break out the ever-so wonderful long cardi.  

They can be tricky and will only work with certain things to certain events so choose wisely what you wear them with or what you wear them to.  

Long cardi goals:  Make it look intentionally put together vs. the "thrown together look".  It should add a sense of cohesion to a your look. 


  •  Take your height into consideration.  You don't want a cardigan that is touching the floor.  Find a good length past your knee and go with it. 
  • Pair your cardigan with body forming pieces so you don't look bulky.  The cardigan adds enough flow and bulk that you don't want too much going on. 
  • Avoid sweater on sweater materials.  Go for a chambray shirt, cotton or silk.  


The more casual your outfit, means the more important adding accessories on is.  We love this look because the scarf and hat make the outfit stand out more.  

This look is the perfect weekend look for any event.  It's casual yet dressy.  Over the knee boots give it a polished off look.


Wearing a long cardi to work your ultimate goal is to look prim.  Fitted slacks and a button up are always a good choice to achieve this look. 

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